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Artistic Biography

David Seaton was born in Yorkshire and graduated from St Martins school of art in 1974. He subsequently co-founded and made sculpture at Greenwich studios, London. His first solo exhibition was at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 1977. After meeting Miles Richmond he made his first visit to Ronda, Andalucia, Spain in 1980. Since then he has maintained a studio there. In 1981 he helped build Rounton studios at the Motorhouse, North Yorkshire and used that space to organise artists workshops, as well as making large scale sculpture there. He also and taught with Miles Richmond and Harry Thuberon at the Motorhouse.

In 1988/9 he made several visits to Madrid and Lisbon with exhibitions to follow. In 1990 he met Richard Demarco and made his first "Demarco" journey around Poland. He has worked regularly at the National Centre for Sculpture, Oronsko alongside many Polish and other European contemporary artists and has exhibited regularly in Poland since 1990, and on occasions in France and Italy. He exhibited at the Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh in 1991 and at the Blasson Gallery, London the following year.

In 1994/95 he co-organised an international multi-media workshop in the Azores with a travelling exhibition to Lisbon, Madrid and London Docklands the following year. In 2003 he moved permanently from London to Ronda, Spain, where he now lives and works. Since then he has shown regularly in Ronda. Recently he was invited to participate in a "Bread Matters" event in Cyprus.



1991  BWA Grodska Lublin, Poland

1991  Oranzaria  Oronsko,  Poland

1991  Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Scotland

1992  Blasson Gallery, London

1992  Ash Gallery Edinburgh, Scotland

1992  Divergencies UK/USA Capsule, London

1993  Shinso, Japan

1994  Oronsko, Poland

1995  Estudio Warzawa, Poland

1995  Estudio Alaya Genova, Italy

1995  Casa Grande Horta, Azores

1996  BWA Grodska Lublin, Poland

1996  Associadade Bellas Artes, Lisbon

1996  Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain

1997  Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

1998  Candid Arts Trust, London

2000  Watershead, Boston, USA

2000  BWA Grodska, Lublin, Poland

2003  BWA Groska, Lublin, Poland

2007  Unicaja Ronda, Spain.

2011 Desvios Group Show, Spain

2012 Solo show, Santo Domingo, Ronda.

2014 Groupo N.I.E. Convento. Ronda.

2014 Solo show at Toro Espacio Ronda.

2015 Solo show at Toro Espacio Ronda.

2016 Groupo Nie. Toro Espacio Ronda.



1991   Int. Workshop/Symposium. Anglo/Polish. Motor House, N. Yorks. Organiser.

1994   Int. Workshop/Symposium. National Centre for Sculpture, Oronsko, Poland

1995   Int. Workshop/Symposium. Azores. Co. Organiser.

1999   Watershead  Centre for Ceramics, Maine, USA. Workshop.

2016   Residency Fundation Valparaiso, Mojacar Almaria.


Research Awards

1991   British Council, Yorkshire Arts.

1994   British Council, Poland.

1995   Gulbenkian Foundation, President of Azores, British Council, Lisbon.

1996   London Docklands Development Corporation.

1999   Watershead Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Maine, USA.



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1995   May Telegrapho. Simposio International Multi Media.

1995   June O Publico. Artistas nas Frajas da Europa.

1995   Transalation “Nine Artists New Works”. Clive Adams.

1995   August Chronical  Multi Media in the Azores.

1995   July J.I. Oficinas de Arte no Faial. Luisa Costa Gomes.

1996   “White Space Against a Volcano” Jan Wojciechowski.

1997   IMMS Travelling Exhibition. Co Author. ISBN 8988543 20 8.

2000   David Seaton. BWA Labirynt. ISBN 83-85225-09-0